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To answer a question, click on the circle next to the answer you believe is correct. Your answer is saved if you go to another question or select Save and Exit, though you can later change your answer. After answering a question, select Back (previous question) or Next (next question), or you can navigate to any question by using the vertical navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

The vertical navigation bar (see test window below) on the left side of the screen indicates which questions have been answered. A white circle indicates a question has not been answered, a blue circle indicates a question has been answered, and a yellow circle indicates a question is currently being viewed. Note that you can click on any question in the left panel to navigate directly to that question.




  • Exit the testing window, and your answers will be saved.
  • Choose the Save and Exit option provided in the lower right corner of every question.

To finish a test, return to the Testing dashboard and select Continue.



Finish answering all questions and then:

  • If your last question answered was the last question on the test:  Click Next and you will be taken to the Summary screen (see below) where the option to Submit Test is provided. Simply click Submit Test.
  • If your last question answered was any question other than the last one:  Scroll down the left-side navigation bar and select  Summary. This screen confirms that you have answered all questions and provides the option to Submit Test. To submit the test, simply click on Submit Test.

Submit means you intend to turn in a finalized exam. Please make sure all questions are answered as you wish. If you have not answered all questions, you will be prompted to re-enter the test and finish or Save and Exit.



Upon successful submission of your test, you will receive a confirmation screen that indicates the vital statistics regarding your completed test. You should print this screen as proof of having taken the test. You should also receive a confirmation email containing the same information as the confirmation screen. Save one or both for your records. If your governing body allows you to take the test more than once, and you have test attempts remaining, simply return to the TESTING Tab on the Central Hub and repeat the process indicated in these instructions.

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